Caroline Howlett Animal Artist

Fine art personalised

British made Jewellery, designed by myself made by David Baggaley Silver/ Goldsmith

I started designing jewellery for a talented Silver/ goldsmith we work very well as a team and our work complements each other beautifully. 

 Most of the designs are available in Gold, Silver, Brass and Aluminium though there may be restrictions in some due to the behaviour of the metal itself.  Please note due to the high polish finish on the pendants many have been photographed prior to polishing in order to see the pieces more clearly.

To buy please use link on title of each jewellery piece.

Link to follow for Bichon Trot heart

Link to follow for English Bull terrier heart

Link to follow for Cocker in cut out heart

Link to follow for Endurance Canter

Link for Frenchie Heart  to follow

Hare and the moon, link to follow

High stepping cob, link to follow

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